Finding the Best Electric Toothbrush in the UK

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If you’re British then I’m sure you’re aware that our teeth don’t have a good reputation in the rest of the world. I think it’s probably because we love tea and coffee so much and we certainly don’t take care of our teeth that much. I know that a lot of the times that I’ve gone to see my Dentist, he’s not been too pleased with me. But I think times are changing a little bit. A lot of us are thinking more and more about how our teeth look and this is partly due to the social media teaching us how to look better and how to take care of ourselves a bit better. On top of that, the UK has the latest technology when it comes to cleaning teeth and there are certainly high quality electric toothbrushes available here.

I think these types of rechargeable electric toothbrushes do help when it comes to cleaning the teeth properly when compared to a normal toothbrush. If you combine this with flossing and regular use of mouthwash, you’re definitely going to see some great results very quickly. And if you haven’t used an electric toothbrush before then it’s probably the right time to get one. Due to the holiday season, there are tons of sales and I’m sure you can bag a good deal if you try hard enough. But before doing this, make sure you read electric toothbrush reviews and compare the ratings and reviews of each model.

When it comes to the top rated rechargeable toothbrushes, there are some that stand out more than the rest. The Oral B 6000 model is probably the best electric toothbrush by Oral B and it has Bluetooth technology within it. This means that you can connect to an app and everything. However, when it comes to buying the best electric toothbrush, connecting it to an app is useless. We are more interested in seeing how it performs and I must admit it does this fantastically well. It probably has the best battery available and it kind of reads how you brush your teeth and optimise itself for your habits. You will even be able to monitor these and share them with your dentist if you wanted to. In general, I just think this is the best when it comes to performance and battery life.

The EasyClean toothbrush by Sonicare is another one that does exactly what it says. When compared to the previous model, this one is a lot simpler but it carries out the task really impressively. I think this electric toothbrush is perfect for someone who doesn’t want any features and would rather spend less on getting a rechargeable toothbrush that is efficient and powerful. Once again, the biggest advantage associated with the Sonicare EasyClean rechargeable toothbrush is that it provides a huge battery that is going to allow the toothbrush to work for quite a few weeks. This is also the toothbrush that is associated with the best value for money.

Lastly, the ProClinical A1500 by Colgate is another top rated electric toothbrush that I have come across. Unfortunately I don’t have too much experience with this one but I’ve heard lots of great things about it. This is because the latest technology that focus different on different teeth has been utilized to make this model. This means that this toothbrush is going to function differently for different teeth and this is bound to ensure thorough and more efficient cleaning. The only issue with this model is that you might not like it at the start and it certainly takes a little bit of getting used to. However, if you continue using it for a few weeks, I have no doubts that this is going to do wonders for your teeth.

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